I did try out the Atkins diet a couple of years ago, and that low carb diet was one that I found very hard to stick to and there were sadly many unwanted side effects that did soon force me to give up attempting to lose weight using the Atkins diet.

The way in which that diet has been designed is that you need to cut out as many carbohydrates as you possibly can do from your meals and snacks, and many people that do go on that diet will simply eat meat, cheese and eggs and not much else.

However, by eating so much protein and fat as opposed to eating food full or carbohydrates, many people do experience things such as severe diarrhoea, which can be a nightmare when they are trying to lose weight on that diet and live their lives in the usual way.

If you have tried losing weight using the Atkins diet but have found it is not suitable for you, then fear not as all is certainly not lost for there is a much easier way of losing weight and not run the risk of experiencing the side effects that low carb diet is best famed for.

That way of losing weight is by you simply using Phentermine, which is a once a day pill that is nothing more complicated than an appetite suppressant. Taking Phentermine will see your cravings for food subsiding and you then start to eat less and lose weight as a result of eating less, it really is that simple.

Problems Associated with the Akins Diet

I am going to leave it up to you as to whether you do try out the Atkins diet or whether you choose to use an appetite suppressant such as Phentermine to help you lose weight, however you should be aware of the risk associated with the Atkins diet if you are thinking about trying it out.

As for the risks that are associated with Phentermine however, well there are a few possible side effects that you could experience, however it has been found that most people can take and use Phentermine without them ever experiencing any type of side effects whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have now made up your mind that you are prepared to start taking and using Phentermine to help you lose weight, but have a few additional questions, then below to round off this guide I will answer all manner of unique and different frequently asked questions about that once a day pill.

Are Side Effects Common with Phentermine?

You will be pleased to learn that whilst there are a very small number of potential side effects that can be triggered when people start taking and using Phentermine the number of people that do go on to experience them are very small.

Will I Have to Pay Delivery Costs?

One of the main benefit of using our fully approved online pharmacy for your supply of Phentermine is that the price you will see listed don the online ordering system is fully inclusive of all delivery fees and charges and as such the price you see will ultimately be the price you will pay.

What Time Should I Take Phentermine?

It will be up to you as to just what time of the day or night that you take your once a day Phentermine pill, but try and take it when you wake up or not long after you have woken up as that is when most people then to take their daily dose of Phentermine.

Why Do I Not Require a Prescription?

It is due to the fact that Phentermine is a non-prescription appetite suppressant as to the reason why you are not going to have to pay a visit to your Doctor to get a prescription to place an order for a supply, but if you want to consult with your Doctor first then that is something you can of course do at any time.

How Long Should I Take Phentermine For?

The easiest answer that I can give you regarding just when would be the very best time for you to stop taking Phentermine is of course once you have achieved the level of weight loss that you had been hoping to achieve, and you can take Phentermine for many, many months to help you lose weight by the way.

Can I eat Anything when Taking Phentermine?

Just keep in mind that your appetite sis going to be supressed when you do start to take and use Phentermine and as such you are not likely to have the same food cravings as you once did, in fact you can eat most foods when taking Phentermine, and one thing that you are bound to find happening when you are indeed taking it is that you are going to eat much smaller portions which is due to your weight being suppressed which is going to be the way that you will then lose weight of course.

Can I Place a Small Initial Order of Phentermine?

It is up to you just how much Phentermine you order, but just so you know, you are going to be able to buy Phentermine online in bottles containing 30 individual pills, so each bottle will last you one month, but you can order as many bottle as you want of course.

When Will I start to Lose Weight?

It won’t be very long once you start taking Phentermine that you will then go on to notice that you are losing weight, but do make sure that you remember to take your Phentermine pill once a day as that way it will continually help supress your appetite which is how it works.